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[14 Mar 2004|04:55pm]
Friends only nowadays. And no, Im not drawing a fancy picture like everyone else, its getting old. But I will say "comment to be added as a friend".
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[14 Mar 2004|04:24pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Wow, that didnt go as planned

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Violent mood swing [11 Mar 2004|04:02pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I feel great. I blame it on the weather and school. My hair is at eyebrow level now wow, I heart. Jesus why is Silvias Mother on *skips winamp* There we go, Static X. Anyway, last night I phoned Susan. I was talking to her for over an hour and for some reason, we didnt need to "make conversation" it just kept spilling out haha. Love it when that happens. And shes comin home Easter! We have plans... a plan that will show you good muhaha. Think thats another reason for my good mood today - I have a lot to look forward to:

- Party Saturday with more new people
- Guitar next month
- Easter next month
- People next month

The school says my easter break consists of an extra long weekend - Friday and Monday off. Well screw them in the mouth. Im takin a few more days off and staying out home.

I noticed at my school today that the party poster was missing. Could someone have taken it so they'd know where to go saturday? I sure fucking hope.

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Good times people, goooood times [06 Mar 2004|03:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Warning: crappy photos with no flash or steady set of hands ahead:
here we goCollapse )

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The joy of mans desiring [03 Mar 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I am happy, new pants for all!

So today started off like feces. It was a rainy/snowy/foggy/sunny/windy day - the worst of all combinations. After the journey to the bus stop I had the sudden urge to piss so I had to hold it in for another 8 minutes or so. I get to school and AHHHH much frickin better. When I was in school I was in a great mood. The fact the day was going to be us taking 20 slides of notes meant nothing to me. This school rocks. The teachers are like one of us theyre a laugh. When school was over, I knew that the day would only get worse. First of all I had to go to the bank with some homosexual bank papers. Did I mention it was still pouring rain? When I got to the bank I shook like a big hairy dog and I probably made a horse sound (???) while doing so. That comes from earlier today making fun of Terri, she said she used to take horse riding lessons... we didnt hear horse till after. Anyway so im the bank soaking wet and some young douchebag intern guy comes up to me

Douchebag: can I help you sir?
Me: yeah i'd like to get an application for a student viasa
Douchebag: uh im new here, i'll get someone else
*blank stare*

Buh. So this old douchebaggette comes over. She says sorry you cant get one because you need a job. A job? Its a fucking STUDENT VESA, we're going to school you dolt! I wanted to smack her and not in the sexual way. That pissed me off so i says ok whatever and leave. Mmmmm back in the rain. I wasnt waiting another 30 min in the rain so I went back to the school and talked to the teachers. Jokes were made about willis' height and the fact that the other class sucked. Strangely wheeliejokes were missing. Shit the bus is here!

Ahh im dry for another 5 minutes huzaa! Then I got dropped off in the rain again. Two cars splashed me on the way home, two fucking cars. My pants were so wet (yes ha...ha) they were stuck to my legs (ok stop laughing now) which looked really homoriffic. I need big fat legs. Finally get home and I beat up the whole fucking house because im pissed off. Oh yeah and I was pantless the whole time. Ughhhhhh

This is where things started to look up. I got an email back from Cindy the spank me shirt girl saying she and some friends will be comin the party friday. I emailed Sean and asked him... then Wendy, the girl I gave my number to last time phoned me. She kept asking for Matt even though it was me heh. Yeah shes a laugh. Shes comin over again with a bunch of people as well. So this is an unoffical list which may change at any time:

Me,Jessica,Eva,Kate,Luke,Brad,Ryan,Trudy,Missy,Paul(?),Wendy + friends,Cindy + friends,Leo,the AIT 2002 class, Sean and Adam. Then add four parts alcohol, two parts drugs, Pooty Tang and a game of Twister. Good times I say. An extra 10 points if any musical instruments show up.

And that wasnt the only good news. Im very happy to say that the girls are moving out in early May so im gonna need 2 more roomates around that time. Im trying to get Adam in and .. im not sure about the other person. Brads going to school in here this year so he's gonna need a place. *shakes fist* And if we can find another person, the living room can easily be converted into a bedroom. Turn this place into a recording studio I says. I'll buy a lot of those swan-neck microphones at walmart hehe.

On a sadder note, my favorite band has broken up. I admit I never checked out their official website very often but I checked it a few days ago looking for some lyrics and they said they had broken up. I guess it was inevitable. Tolkkis alcohol problems and numerous fist fights with Koltipeto cant be good. Now they've got some german girl called Mrs K. Shes... different. But I dont care what she looks like. Strat has always had male vocals. I really cant see this kind of music with a female voice. Either Timo is incurably insane or he has big surprises for us all. But damn, he rocks on guitar. Did I mention he saw his father commit suicde when he was a kid o.O

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[ mood | content ]

My hair at this moment reminds me of Erics from that 70s show except mine is red. Im not complaining. Im letting this bitch grow. By Easter I should have my guitar, at long last. Ever since Friday night I've had the overwhelming urge to play. Gives me something to look forward to at least. Oh and seeing people too, thats my main reason to go out home. I wonder if theres a way to plug an amp into a car lighter outlet... guitar in the car in gdot? The possibilites I tell ya.

And remember:
be excellent to each other!
*air guitar*

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I'd give up forever to touch you [27 Feb 2004|12:11am]
[ mood | blah ]

So I went and seen The Passion Of Christ tonight. It was insane, the lineup stretched outside of the theatre. I had to stand up there for about... 20 minutes next to some old asian couple and some guy who kept talking about how it changed his friends life yadda yadda. Thankfully I had my trusty MP3 player filled with Strat. Anywho I finally get into the place and its packed. I looked for a middle seat, no fucking front row for me. I ended up sitting next to this lady who wouldnt stop talking to me. Not gonna go into details but it was odd. The movie itself, was ...different. First of all, it was all subtitled. But that wasnt much of a problem since they werent there most of time. You knew the story and the characters anyway. Second, this was an overly gory movie. A good chunk of it was showing them beating Jesus to near death. Yeah, it was worth the 7.50 I paid. Can't say it changed my life though. Interestingly the show Evangelion did though. 27 episodes and 2 movies of thought altering animation. To all those who think cartoons are saturday morning bullshit with no point then your right. Evangelion isnt a cartoon its anime. Theres a huge difference. Its taken a lot more seriously. Some (if they took our rating system) would be rated R for sure. Take Evangelion for example, it contains nudity, swearing, and religious themes, possibly blasphemy to any catholic. So dont call it a cartoon anymore. It would be like saying that country and grunge are the same. They are both types of music just different genres. Well in this case, they are both types of animation just different genres(anime and cartoon that is) If you want to see the difference just pop over to the aparptment. Im here 85% of the day, we'll sit down and watch some Eva. I could never get tired of it. Blah what are the odds of that happenin. Hmm I suddenly felt lonely. I will quote a character from Evangelion to end this, "Nobody cares about me. Nobody stays with me. So I dont want to depend on anybody. But I hate it at the same time. Its a pain. I dont want to be alone!"

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[26 Feb 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

There are no more words I can use to describe my hatred for this season. Anything I would attempt would be incohereant, possibly in tongues. The bottom of my pants continue to be fucking rotten, I continue to miss busses, and the wind makes my eyes water for some unknown reason. And add to that the effects of the straightening chemicals are wearing off.... the waves are coming back ..... dear God help me

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[25 Feb 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

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[23 Feb 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Taking a page from the book of Brad, I will also indulge in something of a survey type nature - The Winamp Dealy

1. KC & The Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty
2. Alien Ant Farm - Glow
3. Dashboard - Ender Will Save Us All
4. Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes
5. Dance Dance Revolution - Dynamite Rave
6. Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart
7. Metallica - All Within My Hands
8. Aerosmith - Walk This Way
9. Tegan n Sarah - My Number
10. Stratovarius - A Drop In The Ocean
11. Stratovarius - Will The Sun Rise
12. Big Wreck - That Song
13. John Mellencamp - Jack And Diane
14. The Beatles - I Am The Walrus
15. Matchbox 20 - 3 AM (Acoustic)
16. Stratovarius - Dream With Me
17. Timo Tolkki - Now I Understand
18. Tegan n Sarah - Living Room
19. Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
20. Bad Religion - Broken

What a compilation. I bestow the name "Now, Then, Somewhere In Between, and Europe" upon it. Im as some would say "overtired".

I dislike LJ cuts

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Cold feet, a monkey, and two nickels [22 Feb 2004|01:11pm]
[ mood | Awesome ]

Warning to anybody taking Slaneys taxi: It smells of homemade bread, they dont stop at Goobies anymore, they always drop you off fucking last, and that "bus" or whatever the hell it is is junk. I had to sit in the back and every bump we hit sent me flying into the air along with enchanted pigs whom tom slaney smuggles into town. That bastard I hate him. Next time i'll take the taxi to Gdot and get mom to pick me up over there. *exhale*

Other than the taxi, the weekend was awesome. Following is what helped make this weekend great:

- good friends
- hitch hikers
- turtles
- monkeys
- bus shelters
- piggy back racing
- a ghetto ass
- that girl who was alone and cold
- a random black dog
- narrow driveways
- high snow banks
- Megadeth
- reflections on God and life while lying on my back

Thats all I can think of at the moment. If you can think of some more, thats great and you deserve a pat on back. Goooood times indeed.

Im now 19. If I didnt my hair straightened I wouldnt have felt any different. Susan sent me a bday card which words cannot describe its awesomeness so if you be readin, many thanks and sexual favours are due for you heh. Oh yeah and I got a pic of Iggy Pop which is wicked. Since I got some bday money I might buy some frames to put some of my pictures in. Oh yea and I found the jade monkey. It turns out hes actually purple and he was a gift from Kate. And yes im looking im looking for a dishwasher to go with him wahaha.

This house will be lacking two roommates until next monday. If anybody needs a place to stay or knows somebody who does send them here. Party this to pieces. I think I should print of flyers and post them.

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The Weather... [16 Feb 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

Old Man Winter can have a fucking stroke. And if he doesnt, I can sure as hell put him out of his misery for little or no charge. Its been snowing since what... November. Fuck off already! Just got off the phone with dear ol mum and she says she doesnt think nan will make it in today because there are "white out conditions" or so she kept repeating a dozen times until I told her I get the damn point. She also gave me some lame ass story about a guy from Lawn trying to make it to Lamaline but couldnt because of the "white out conditions". If I hear white out conditions again i'll start foaming to the mouth and beat everyone with 10 fingers in 10 mile radius with a rusty nail and board. Then she says they're calling for a storm Thursday too. I swear if I dont get out home this weekend, someone or something is getting a punch. Im thinking of taking my anger out on the girls with the rusty-nail-in-board of justice(tm) ... or if they arent around I'll beat down their doors and trash their rooms.

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[15 Feb 2004|02:59am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Tonight was alright I must say. We never got on the go until 9:30 but still was great. Adam picked me and we went to Jo's party which .... sucked ass really. We played foosball and airhockey and left the seedy looking drunks to their own devices. Nothing else to do so we tried Jessica. Jessica was strangely not home. Oh well, on to the next person which was Sean. Hes a laugh, he likes Metallica and drums good stuff. So we pick him and his friend up and we set off to find the bar known as Junctions. Took us 30 min to find it, mostly cuz sean was drunk and gave us shit all directions. We finally get there and we find out that cover is $5. Fuck no money what to do. Seans buddy offered to pay it for me and Adam(wow generous). Then the girl asks for ID. I calmly take out my drivers license, hand it over, and strangely she gives me the ok. Hahaha wow too easy. The by's were in fits. Anywho we go in and none other than Jessica pops up in my face. She was pretty buzzed and so was her friend Eva. Sat around for a good hour talking about nothing and then Jessica shouts out oooo my band is playing! Almost flips over the seat and runs out to where theyre playing. A band called 60 watt vamp. They were fucking great and the lead singer is damn fine. She came over later and talked to us, shook our hands etc. We were standing right in front of them as they were playing booya. Again, they rock. If I had money on me I would have bought the CD. Damn that card... So after they finished playing we figured nothin could beat that so we left. And thats the end of my story. I'd like to thank Jesus and mom and Grand Funk Railroad and the asian store lady.

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Yawn, stretch, type.... [14 Feb 2004|12:46am]
[ mood | drained ]

Friday night has never been so boring. It got so bad tonight I fell asleep for about an hour. I seriously had more fun in school today. At least there were people there, not like this sham known as msn. Its a strange thing. Im on it since I got home but most of the time im not talking to anybody. Its boring but at the same time I dont want to get off for some reason. Just what am I waiting around on msn for anyway? Its a drug I tell you. A crazy.... crazy.... drug. Thank God theres two nights to a weekend. Theres supposed to be this sexy party goin on tomorrow night at one of adams friends house and hes going drinking so we're gonna crash at the party house. In theory it sounds like the makings of a great night. The only thing that could possibly ruin it is lukemia, really annoying drunk guys, or smoking sluts. Whatever, I'll be out of the house. Damn I cant wait to get home for the weekend. I wanna drive and see people and ..... see people. Pff , go out home to see the parents? Bahaha I dont think so. Better not be snowing either. If it is I wont be able to get the car and the only way i'll be to over to gdot is if I got a place to stay. Ungh if I paid $60 to stay in my other house the whole weekend i'd be so fuckin pissed. I might end up stealing the ski-doo if that happens. PEOPLE HERE I COME YEE FUCKIN HAW

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Big conversations are fun [12 Feb 2004|12:34am]
[ mood | tired ]

Here are some excerpts from a big convo I was in tonight. I cant think of anything I need to get off my mind so I'll just post this amusing thing.

Take a deep breath and readCollapse )

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[08 Feb 2004|10:09pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I hate reality shows. Possibly the only exception is The Surreal Life which I only like because Vanilla Ice is on it and I hear hes always flipping out when they mention his past. So lets take a look at some reality shows shall we:

The one that started it all. I admit, I actually watched this back in the day because reality TV was new then and this was something different. Thirty-nine days, 16 castaways on an island, it sounded good in theory. And it worked. I was actually saying "hey doesnt survivor come on tonight" and "hey did you see survivor last night?" And who could forget Richard and all his disturbing nakedness.

8 out of 10

American Idol
Hate. I fucking hate this crap. I dont see the appeal in watching people sing, get rated on it, then cry. Thats what pissed me off about this show, too much damn emotion. They even marketed it like that - most of the commercials consisted of women crying because Simon probably told them they sucked. And people buy into it. Real people, really crying, is that what sells these days? And then there are the auditions. I've seen some of them, some of the really bad ones. Some of those guys seemed like they were paid to act so fucking stupid. The one that comes to mind is the asian guy trying to sing cant help falling in love with you. It just seems to good that an asian guy would sing a song that had a lot of L sounds in it. So instead it sounded like "frarring in rov rit you". Too convienient. I condemn American Idol to hell. Its only saving grace is probably the auditions which are sometimes funny but painful to watch.


Are You Hot?
This is just blatant crap. Its a sign of how bad society has gotten. I can see the board meeting now and it goes something like this:

Jimbob: Ok guys we need to think of a show that'll fill in the gaps between NYPD Blue and CSI.

Jack: Hey I know, how about another reality show? They seem to be all the rage these days. Hell, look at the ratings CBS got with survivor !

Jimbob: Thats a super idea jack.

Jack: And we should make it so that it would appeal to a younger demographic. Survivor seemed to be watched by a lot of older folks.

Jimbob: Hmm younger viewers eh? Well what do kids like these days?

Jack: Well I seen my kid watching some MTZ or something yesterday and the videos containted a lot of sexual imagery.

Jimbob: Of course, sex! Everybody loves sex! Lets brainwash the younger generation ever further.

*evil laughs fill the boardroom*

Pat: I got it! Lets make a show that rates people on how sexy they are? Isnt that brilliant? Because I know that todays world is shallow and that looks mean EVERYTHING!

Jimbob: Dammit pat thats the smartest thing you've ever said. Here have some money.

There was nothing good about this show. I really hope that if any advanced civilation was watching from afar, they missed this show because they would probably never talk to us if they did.


Tempation Island
This is how the offical webiste describes the show:
"TEMPTATION ISLAND is an unscripted dramatic series in which unmarried couples travel to an exotic locale to test and explore the strength of their relationships. Once at the location, the couples are introduced to eligible singles and then separated from their partners until the final day of their stay."

You know what I think? I think its shit. Hmm I wonder why they put them in exotic locations? So they could wear less goddamn clothes thats why! And of course all the people on the show are good looking. Anything less would be uncivilized. Oh and you cant forget the women crying. It wouldnt be a reality show without the constant weening.


Joe Millionaire
A bunch of women are flown in to meet this rich guy and compete for his love. But they dont know that hes not really rich! "Like OMG, will they marry him for his money and then divorce him because they find out hes not rich? OMG THIS IS SOOO EXCITING!" Shut your pie hole. So many things wrong with this show. I dont know where to start so im not going to.


The Chair
BAHAHAH. Does anyone remember this tripe? This show was so bad, it was cancelled after 2 or 3 episodes I believe. The Chair requires contestants to be strapped into a chair wearing a heart monitoring device and if their hate rate rises above a certain level, then slowly they lose the money they won from answering questions. Theyd use stuff like "scary animals" and etc to scare them of course. I'll give it credit for being unique and not heavily dependant on sex.


Average Joe
This is my most hated out of all these new reality shows. Once again I quote the official site:

"A stunning beauty queen and former NFL cheerleader moves into a multi-million dollar estate in Palm Springs with the expectation that 16 potential Prince Charmings are arriving to win her heart. But when the men arrive, our beauty finds that the handsome princes are actually Average Joes—guys with great hearts, but admittedly average looks, some even describing themselves as nerds and geeks."

This truly is a sign of how bad things are. Kids are growing up watching this fucking crap and its making them believe that looks are everything. They'll grow up to be shallow cold hearted sluts and that nothing but the perfect looking guy will be good enough for them. From what i've barely seen of the show, there are "hot guy" who compete against the "average joes" now? Horrible. Just horrible. I'd rather watch the news channel. I'd rather watch nothing than this.

So there you have it. I hate it all. The market is oversaturated with this shit and shows no signs of dying down. I cant wait until the 'next big thing' comes around and reality shows die. But theres one thing that I hope never dies.

This guy is the best host for a TV show. Hes been a host for The Price Is Right now for over 30 years. The Price Is Right is hailed as the best game show of all time! I think its time for some gameshows to come back to primetime. And they better not fuck it up by using sex to promote it. Its not that sex is a bad thing, but theres just way too much of it on tv. It just isnt as exciting anymore. Im sure back in the day when they caught on to sex sells, I was glad to see a lot of T&A on TV but now its starting to get dry.

So to sum things up. I hate reality TV. Get some new marketing ideas. Long live Bob Barker. More gameshows in primtime please.
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Ah stupid memories of high school [05 Feb 2004|11:10pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

This is how boring school got sometimes, I wrote something:

Long September

A long September and theres reason to believe
Maybe this year will be longer than the last
I cant remember
the last school year and how long it was
and the days go by so slow
and its one more day in Level 3
and its one more class of business english
If you think That I should drop Physics
and do gym....

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na yeah

The smell of SJA in winter
And the feeling that theres too many youngsters in the lunch room
I went their once and tried to find out our old table
but there was too much ketchup on it....

And its one more day in level 3
And its one more class of business english
If you think I should drop outta Physics
and do gym...

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na yeah

*guitar solo*

Drove up to Wayne Collins shop sometime after the bell rang
so Danny could grab a crunchie bar
I guess they musta ran out crunchie bars because he came back with a big turk bar
and its been a
long September and theres reason to believe
maybe this year will be longer than the last
Mr. Babs real name is really Mr. Babcock
and nobody wants to say it...

And its one more day in Level 3
And its one more class of business english
If you think I should drop out of Physics...

I guess I should

and for those of you who didnt know the original song is Long December by Counting Crows

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[05 Feb 2004|04:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

Oh quizzes, how you fill my time.
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Wheelikieieekekek [04 Feb 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Leo: E...e...Eli can you come here for a second
Eli: HAHAH thats a good impression
Leo: Do you have our excel marks done yet ?
Eli: Actually I do but im not telling her haha
*everyone dies of laughter*

I love school.

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[02 Feb 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Since doing surveys seems to be all the rage these days, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and kill some time. *stretches*

[x] What is your name?: Matthew Walsh
[x] Are you named after anyone?: Matthew in the bible ?
[x] What's your screename?: Tangerine
[x] Would you name a child of yours after you?: naw, something with one syllabal
[x] If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: Brandine
[x] If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?: im content with red
[x] Are there any mispronunciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?: matt-chew ughh
[x] Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: i'd drop both and be an unpronouncable symbol. No not like prince what are you talking about?

[x] Your gender: Male.
[x] Straight/Gay/Bi: Straight.
[x] Single?: Does Donnie Osmond suck ?
[x] If not, do you want to be?:
[x] Birthdate: Feb 20, 85 (best year baby)
[x] Your age: 18
[x] Age you act: 12'ish
[x] Age you wish you were: 8
[x] Your height:: 5'8
[x] Eye color: blue
[x] Happy with it?: yessir
[x] Hair color: orange
[x] Happy with it?: Oh so happy
[x] Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: rightyo
[x] Your living arrangement: apartment with two "girls"
[x] Your family: Wade Shelly and Jenna oh and the dog
[x] Have any pets?: dog, and the fridge creature
[x] Whats your job?: slacker
[x] Piercings?: nooope
[x] Tattoos?: nooope
[x] Obsessions?: NES, music
[x] Addictions?: beef noodles, driving, people
[x] Do you speak another language?: J'ai parle francais bien
[x] Have a favorite quote?: I'd be lying if i said yes
[x] Do you have a webpage?: I have a few scrapped ones

Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it
[x] Do you live in the moment?: muh
[x] Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try, sometimes it dies
[x] Do you have any secrets?: who doesnt
[x] Do you hate yourself?: im happy with myself
[x] Do you like your handwriting?: i havent written in years
[x] Do you have any bad habits?: complaining too much
[x] What is the compliment you get from most people?: Your hairs so nice (muh)
[x] If a movie was made about your life, what would it be called?: One
[x] What's your biggest fear?: Car crashing into a lake and drowning
[x] Can you sing?: I like to think so
[x] Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: only for laughs
[x] Are you a loner?: I enjoy the company of others
[x] What are your #1 priorities in life?: Get a decent job, find the jade monkey
[x] If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: sure
[x] Are you a daredevil?: occasionally
[x] Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: violent mood swings, talking too fast, my weight
[x] Are you passive or agressive?: pagressive
[x] Do you have a journal?: this one
[x] What is your greatest strength and weakness?: strength would be... able to make friends with just about anyone and weakness is that im very self conscious about my appearance.
[x] If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?: weight
[x] Do you think you are emotionally strong?: not at all
[x] Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: Thats a story for another day
[x] Do you think life has been good so far?: meh , alright
[x] What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: it makes it sound like your dead geez. Just because you dont drink doesnt meant you cant have a good time.
[x] What do you like the most about your body?: Nothing really, if I had to choose it would be eyes
[x] And least?: weight, thats the third time now
[x] Do you think you are good looking?: muh
[x] Are you confident?: at times
[x] What is the fictional character you are most like?:
[x] Are you perceived wrongly?: at times

Do You...
[x] Smoke?: nope
[x] Do drugs?: nope
[x] Read the newspaper?: y....no
[x] Pray?: No
[x] Go to church?: not anymore
[x] Talk to strangers who IM you?: you bet
[x] Sleep with stuffed animals?: never
[x] Take walks in the rain?: if for an important reason yes
[x] Talk to people even though you hate them?: yea cant let them be the wiser
[x] Drive?: oh yea
[x] Like to drive fast?: only when im drunk
Would or Have You Ever?
[x] Liked your voice?: yep
[x] Hurt yourself?: accidently many times
[x] Been out of the country?: not yet
[x] Eaten something that made other people sick?: yea
[x] Been in love?: yea
[x] Gone skinny dipping?: if only i knew how to swim
[x] Had a medical emergency?: I've had a heart attack before
[x] Had surgery?: hmm i dont think so, unless i was too young to remember
[x] Ran away from home?: yes, without sneakers and supper
[x] Played strip poker?: yeah hehe good times
[x] Gotten beaten up?: back in the day
[x] Beaten someone up?: back in the day
[x] Been picked on?: yea thanks a lot murph
[x] Been on stage?: yeah
[x] Slept outdoors?: in a tent and trailer
[x] Thought about suicide?: not concerning myself but others
[x] Pulled an all nighter?: hell yea
[x] If yes, what is your record?: i went to sleep ... after supper the next day
[x] Gone one day without food?: not yet
[x] Talked on the phone all night?: yes actually
[x] Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: nope
[x] Slept all day?: ohh yea
[x] Killed someone?: a vietnamese prostitute with no ring finger or eyebrows
[x] Made out with a stranger?: nope
[x] Had sex with a stranger?: several
[x] Thought you're going crazy?: yeah especially that summer *shudders*
[x] Kissed the same sex?: nope
[x] Done anything sexual with the same sex?: I punched frosty in the nuts
[x] Been betrayed?: yea
[x] Had a dream that came true?: ummm not yet maybe soon
[x] Broken the law?: some of the stupider ones like loitering maybe
[x] Met a famous person?: Johnny Duke
[x] Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: A rabbit
[x] On purpose?: naw
[x] Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?: yea i think
[x] Stolen anything?: yea
[x] Been on radio/tv?: not yet
[x] Been in a mosh-pit?: cove dances, thunderstruck baby WOO YEA LOCK AND LOAD
[x] Had a nervous breakdown?: that summer maybe
[x] Bungee jumped?: naw
[x] Had a dream that kept coming back?: i tried to get one to come back but it didnt work
[x] Belive in life on other planets?: definitly
[x] Miracles?: Jesus ?
[x] Astrology?: nope
[x] Magic?: fo sho
[x] God?: no
[x] Satan?: no
[x] Santa?: of course
[x] Ghosts?: definitly
[x] Luck?: yea
[x] Love at first sight?: naw
[x] Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?: yea
[x] Witches?: yes yes
[x] Easter bunny?: yes yes
[x] Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: nothing is forever damn you NOTHING
[x] Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?: and a leprechaun yes
[x] Do you wish on stars?: not in a while

Deep Theological Questions
[x] Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?: I believe when you die your soul goes into another body and all memory is lost. And if you were an evil slut and committed genocide well an eternity of darkness and solitude awaits.
[x] Do you think God has a gender?: well OUR god supposedly created adam in his own image so yea, a guy.
[x] Do you believe in organized religion?: it only leads to bad things like war
[x] Where do you think we go when we die?: see that question up there
[x] Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: not that I know of
[x] Who is your best friend?: you know who you are
[x] Who's the one person that knows most about you?: a lot of people know too many things about me
[x] What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?: dont do it
[x] Your favourite inside joke?: ahh so many to choose from
[x] Thing you're picked on most about?: my non-drinking-ness
[x] Who's your longest known friend?: Curtis
[x] Newest?: Adam
[x] Shyest?: Jessica W
[x] Funniest?: Frosty/brad its sorta a tie
[x] Sweetest?: ah dont make me choose
[x] Closest?:
[x] Weirdest?: ah your all nuts
[x] Smartest?: Lesley
[x] Ditziest?: what a stupid word
[x] Friends you miss being close to the most?: curtis, brendan
[x] Last person you talked to online?: Brad/Jessica... the one from Michigan haha
[x] Who do you talk to most online?: Brad haha
[x] Who are you on the phone with most?: Jessica W
[x] Who do you trust most?: too many
[x] Who listens to your problems?: everyone
[x] Who do you fight most with?: cathie
[x] Who's the nicest?: dont make me choose
[x] Who's the most outgoing?: me hmph
[x] Who's the best singer?: adam
[x] Who's on your shit-list?: wouldnt you like to know
[x] Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?: yea
[x] Who's your second family?: adams, they loves me to death
[x] Do you always feel understood?: hell no
[x] Who's the loudest friend?: Frostilicus
[x] Do you trust others easily?: yes its a weakness of mine
[x] Who's house were you last at?: Adams
[x] Name one person who's arms you feel safe in: I haven't been in any arms
[x] Do your friends know you?: I dont know
[x] Friend that lives farthest away: Amy

Love and All That
[x] Do you consider love a mistake?: naw
[x] What do you find romantic?: oh the usual, long walks, sunsets etc
[x] Turn-on?: good personality
[x] Turn-off?: mustaches, BO, girls who say "like whatever" and do the head shake thing and follow it up by talk to the hand.
[x] First kiss?: Pearl Jam did a cover of it
[x] If someone u had no interest in had interest in dating u how would u feel?: ahh...surprised ?
[x] Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going: definitly
[x] Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable 4 a girl 2 ask a guy out: sure
[x] Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive: yea
[x] Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: ahhhh no
[x] What is best about the opposite sex?: a lot
[x] What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: the amount of time you spend thinking about them ... is that even bad?
[x] What's the last present someone gave you?: a box of chicken noodles
[x] Are you in love?: i'll let you wonder
[x] Do you consider your significant other hot?: If I had one, I'm sure I would

Who Was the Last Person...
[x] That haunted you?: Jesus 2
[x] You wanted to kill?: Valerie
[x] That you laughed at?: adam
[x] That laughed at you?: eli
[x] That turned you on?: hmmm
[x] You went shopping with?:
[x] That broke your heart?:
[x] To disappoint you?:
[x] To ask you out?:
[x] To make you cry?:
[x] To brighten up your day?: Wheels
[x] That you thought about?: members of the opposite sex heh
[x] You saw a movie with?: Lesley
[x] You talked to on the phone?: Jessica W
[x] You talked to through IM/ICQ?: Brad/Jessica
[x] You saw?: Adam
[x] You lost?:

Right This Moment...
[x] Are you going out?: naw its 11:30 at night for christ sakes heh.. lame
[x] Will it be with your significant other?:
[x] Or some random person?: oh for sure
[x] What are you wearing right now?: sleep pants, socks
[x] Body part you're touching right now: toes o.O
[x] What are you worried about right now?: test tomorrow
[x] What book are you reading?: A+ guide to hardware
[x] What's on your mousepad?: a mouse, fingernail clippers
[x] Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: bored,tired,alone,amused,hungry
[x] Are you bored?: as usual
[x] Are you tired?: yes
[x] Are you talking to anyone online?: a few
[x] Are you talking to anyone on the phone?: naw
[x] Are you lonely or content?: didnt i just say that ?*smack*
[x] Are you listening to music?: TALK DIRTY TO ME *air guitar* PARTY ON

and thats how we kill time boys and girls

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